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The rules and regulations of Formula BMW provide for technical equality and fair opportunities for teams and drivers. BMW Motorsport in Munich , Germany closely monitors each championship in concert with their chosen partners in each region to maintain the integrity of the Formula BMW concept.

In 2004, there will be four Formula BMW Championships worldwide which will visit a total of four countries. The Championships are:

. Formula BMW Asia
. Formula BMW Germany
. Formula BMW UK
. Formula BMW USA

While the cars are prepared by individual teams, the rules and Scrutineering Teams provide for equality amongst all championships. While each championship has its own character; from the big fields and hard battles in Germany to the exotic locales of the Asian championship. In 2004, all Formula BMW championships will compete as support races at a Formula-1 race in their region with young drivers eager to impress the watchful eyes of Frank Williams (Director of BMW.Williams F1), Dr. Mario Theissen (Director of BMW Motorsport) and many others in the Formula-1 paddock.

Formula BMW will compete at a total of five F-1 World Championship races this year. These include:

. Bahrain
. Canada
. Germany
. England

By utilizing this platform, young drivers are trained to prepare for the day when some of them may be sitting on the grid in a Formula-1 car.


Talent alone is not enough - it needs to be properly developed. So BMW doesn't just offer gifted young go-kart drivers a seat in a Formula racing car; we put them on pole position to enjoy a successful career. We provide them with first-class technology at an affordable price, rigorous safety standards, professional training and a scholarship program. 2002 saw the launch of a new concept, a new name and a new car. The previously separate Championship and Junior Cup have now been combined to form the international Formula BMW Championship. The main aim of this championship is to support Motorsports at the grassroots level by offering drivers the comprehensive training they need to make the move into Formula racing, and the new international dimension can only contribute to the process. The official racing car of the series is the Formula BMW FB2. The regulations require all participants to race with identical equipment, and teams are not allowed to enhance the car's performance by making construction changes such as adding or removing parts. The only way in which they can alter its performance is by making limited alterations to the set-up.

This means that all the drivers compete on a level playing field, both financially and technically, and on a relatively low budget. "After all, the purpose of the exercise is to identify the best drivers, not the best car," says BMW Motorsport Director Dr Mario Theissen.

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